Clubhouse Emerging as New Social Media Platform for Real Estate Sector Education & Networking

Clubhouse Emerging as New Social Media Platform for Real Estate Sector Education & Networking
Sarah Borchers…
Mar. 19 2021


David Auerbach sees potential for REITs to connect with a broad audience via Clubhouse.


Social media site Clubhouse is emerging as a new and innovative way to facilitate education about commercial real estate and to provide networking opportunities for individuals across the industry, according to David Auerbach, an institutional trader at World Equity Group, Inc.

Clubhouse is an invitation-only iPhone social media app launched in 2020 that enables users to join live audio discussions on a range of topics hosted in ‘rooms’ on the Clubhouse platform. Participants can enter the various rooms as an audience member and can join the conversation by digitally raising their hand to the host.

Speaking on the REIT Report, Auerbach discussed his own involvement with Clubhouse, which includes hosting daily discussions on a variety of REIT and real estate-related topics with his partner, Yoni Miller.

“Picture your LinkedIn, your Facebook, your Instagram, and all your various social media platforms and then picture having a phone call, whether it’s between a company and an analyst or just between a couple of friends, and you’re able to open up this conversation to people in your network to sit in and listen or contribute,” Auerbach said.

So far, Auerbach and Miller have been joined by a number of REIT executives in their discussion rooms. He stressed that the aim is not to offer investment advice, but rather “high-level information” about the industry.

“When we keep it high level, we’re realizing that so many folks have so much to learn from each other,” Auerbach said. “The networking opportunities in an audio capacity are endless,” he added.

Auerbach believes REITs will discover that Clubhouse offers executives a captured audience of interested listeners. “If you properly market it and advertise, it’s the easiest way to connect with an audience,” he said.


David Auerbach offers securities through World Equity Group, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC.

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