Come and Dwell in Luxurious San Francisco Real Estate

San Francisco luxury real estate defies traditional notions of what high priced properties should be. While there are a number of traditionally designed homes in the Bay Area, San Francisco real estate delights in turning conventional notions of luxury on its head. At the very least, they add a refreshing twist to the more formal aspects of West Coast architecture.

The Haight Ashbury district, with pastel colored turrets and exaggerated scallop detailing, is a neighborhood brimming with unmistakable character. The neighborhood is rife with history and has earned its own place in the pop culture pantheon as the mecca for free thinkers and radical activists during the 1960's. In more recent years, the neighborhood's roots still shine through while much of the property has benefited from an influx of historic preservation initiatives and baby boomer wealth.

As a bordering area, the Pacific Heights region boasts breathtaking views of the Bay while the San Francisco homes seem to virtually teeter on the top of cliffs. These properties are among the most ambitious priced in the city and with good reason. Their craftsmanship is evident in every detail and their longevity as quality investments has long been proved.

Revered as the city's most exclusive concentration of luxury San Francisco houses, Pacific Heights takes full advantage of the rolling hills and varied terrain as it showcases properties that work with the land's generous contour rather against it. As one of America's most recognizable cities, San Francisco real estate is highly watched after in the current market. The city's skyline and iconic bridges are enduring images of the region's minority beauty. The Embarcadero runs along the water and is not to be missed when touring San Francisco homes. With so much diversity contained in one densely populated city, the options are dizzying.

Owning a piece of San Francisco real estate means more than simply purchasing a home. You are participating in the continuing growth of this vibrant city as neighborhoods such as the Mission District flourish and more established area like the Presidio define the term luxury. With a heavy emphasis on outdoor activities and natural beauty, the city is ripe with things to do with your friends or moments to share with your family. Lush parks and boardwalks give way to manicured streets that invite visitors into this nicely appointed world. For quality homes that go above and beyond your expectations, San Francisco offers a tremendous value and one of a kind real estate unlike anywhere else.

Source by Herry Wilson