Delaware Real Estate – Why is Delaware a Hot Spot for Real Estate?

At the present time, Delaware real estate is being viewed as a place for excellent real estate opportunities. Actually, the state of Delaware is overlooked by many people.

But read on to find out how this state holds some great rewards to potential home buyers. As well as how Delaware has become a place of interest to people who are looking to retire or build new homes for low prices.

What makes Delaware real estate so different from other States?

Delaware is centrally located to some of the best tourist attractions in the United States. It is close to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, New York, and Virginia.

People who move here also enjoy the low real estate taxes, no property tax, and tax-free shopping. Delaware is also broken up into three major counties and each one has it's own unique setting.

New Castle County (Northern Delaware)

The northern part of Delaware is made up of New Castle County. This county is the busiest and is known for being the Headquarters of DuPont and other financial institutions. Delaware is favorable to corporations because of it's tax laws.

The population here is the densest of all three counties and is the closest to Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York. University of Delaware, which is in Newark, is also located here.

Kent County (Middle of Delaware)

This county makes up the middle part of Delaware and is less populated compared to New Castle County. But you will find brand new housing communities going up due to families moving in from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and other states.

The new homes in this county can be cheap in comparison to other states. And saving money is seen moreover with the low real estate tax, no property tax, and tax free shopping.

Dover, which is the capital of Delaware, is located in this county and is home to Delaware State University, NASCAR Monster Mile race track, and Dover Air Force Base.

Sussex County (Southern Delaware)

Sussex County is the southern part of Delaware and is the least populated county. But in this county there are new homes being built and people are moving here from other states into larger square footage houses compared to the homes they just left.

Sussex County is also home to the popular beaches of Delaware and is not far away from Ocean City, Maryland.

No matter where you live in Delaware you are going to be close to either Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Virginia. Travel time of course depends on where you chose to live in Delaware.

It seems that the majority of families that are buying Delaware real estate are from other states.

You should be able to find yourself in any of the three counties above.

For example, if you are more into the city life and living around the busiest part of town, thenhaps New Castle County may be the best place to look for a Delaware real estate.

If you enjoy more of the suburbs but want to live close enough to drive to the city area, then Kent County may be the county for you. And of course if you want to be in a town where it is more spread out by farm land and the traffic is a lot less, then Sussex County may be best for you.

Delaware real estate gives a person a chance to enjoy tax breaks and low home prices but have access to five different major tourist states at any given time.

Source by Tony Warrington