Finding the Good in Today's Real Estate Markets

This is a difficult time in Real Estate, I am not going to debate that. Many real estate investors have tight margins, many homeowners can not afford to pay their mortgage and taxes, and worst of all many people can not buy or sell a home to move to the next step in their life.

I am suggesting we take a moment to look at the GOOD in today's Real Estate Markets. The whole markets is not bad, there are segments (rentals, luxury, starter, commercial and so on). It is important to look at how you can benefit from certain segments in today in Real Estate. I mean, let's face it, the stock market is too volatile and Real Estate is still the best long-term investment. The Real Estate market is something physical (you can see it, improve it, maintain it), it is something that helps you gain tax advantages and it is something that will help you increase your standard of living.

So allow me to share with you what I see as great if not at least good:

o The State of CT and Town of Manchester have put together a No Money Down / Low Interest Rate program for starter / move up homes in town.
o Mortgage rates being issued by the FHA are at the high-time lows.
o Home prices are low, making it a great opportunity to buy. This gives homebuyers more home for their dollar.
o There is a first time homebuyer $ 7500 tax credit in place by the federal government.
o Bank and corporate owned properties are at an all time high. They do not want to own small properties making many of them a great bargain.
o There is a rehabilitation tax credit issued by the federal government in place.
o Many banks are putting a halt on home foreclosure seizures until the housing finance crisis is resolved.
o Buyers in today's market will experience HUGE appreciation over the next few years if they decide to sell.
o Real Estate is localized and the Northeast is still strong.
o There is a HUGE selection of homes on the market, why not buy when you have the most amount of power for negotiation? Sellers are ready to work with many buyers on creative transactions.

Studying the Real Estate market is a practice that separates the SMART from the FLOATERS. Take another look, try to look at it with an open mind and focus on how you can benefit from today's market.
I am here if you have an opportunity you would like to discuss or need to run an idea by someone.

I hope you are having a great day and want you to know I am here to help you or a friend with their real estate and mortgage needs.

Source by Rob Rosa