Golden Reasons to Invest In Delhi Properties

Like other developing nations, India is progressing tremendously in each and every aspect. The recent surveys reveal that people all across the world find India one of the top notch places for investment.

When it comes to investment in India, a wise person thinks to invest in the real estate sector. And one of the most favorite places he finds to invest in is none other than NCRs and in NCRs, the capital of India, Delhi, is the foremost choice. There are several reasons that make Delhi one of the topmost destinations for real estate investment.

Delhi, the Capital of India …

This is the foreseen reason that prompts investors to invest in Delhi. Although, you can not deny with the fact that Bangalore, Mumbai and Kolkata are giving a tough competition to Delhi in terms of real estate, but the very fact is also that none of the NCR has progressed as much as Delhi. The capital is itself sprawled over 1483 km2; please this the nearby places of Delhi such as Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad and Noida are progressing by leaps and bounds.

Now, the whole cities come under NCR. Now the news of impressive realty growth in Meerut is coming that has given one more undeniable reason to invest in delhi properties. It is hard to predict the progress of Delhi realty sector, but no wonder to say that the recent development is just the beginning of Delhi. The Capital has much to see.

Metro, the treasure of Delhi …

The metro is one of the most precious assets of Delhi that has eased the life of Delhiites to a great extent. No wonder, Delhi metro is a world-class metro that ensures reliability and safety in train operations, and most important is that it connects the nearby cities to Delhi. Around 90% Delhiites find metro comfortable, affordable and time saving transport facility. Bangalore and Mumbai have yet to see this comfortable journey. Although, Kolkata has the metro facility but is not as good as Delhi has.

The Yamuna Expressway, a Giant Leap for Delhi …

The Yamuna Express way is the new massive project of Delhi. The Expressway is about to finish that connects Delhi to Agra at just 1-1 / 2 hours. Some five years back, there were various disputes related to the project. Now, all things have stabilized.

Various IT companies and 5-star hotels are going to open shortly. Most investors are taking the Expressway a new face of Delhi and suggesting people to invest in the residential as well as commercial projects here. No wonder, day by day the demand of residential properties is increasing here and so does the price. The price of apartments here starts from Rs. 19 lacs to Rs. 40 lacs or more.

Apart from that Dwarka Expressway , the development of Gurgaon in form of Manesar, Rewari and Sohna Road, and the development of Faridabad's Neharpar give a prompt reason to invest in the Delhi properties andNCR's real estate sector.

Source by Bhupendra Rajput