Maximizing Property Value

People end up settling for less money than their property is worth, simply because they do not know the advantages of working with a professional real estate development service. Using a service like this will help you avoid legal problems and many other potential pit falls that may otherwise go undetected. Once you are sure that you are ready to sell, use these tips to prepare properties for showing. You can maximize your profits and speed up your sales.

1) First impressions are most important. Make sure that you pay special attention to landscaping and lawns. It can really pay off to hire a professional service to take care of this for you. If you know someone is coming to see the property, give the greenery a quick watering to make it look especially lush.

2) Cleanliness is also very important. Make sure that when the perspective buyers walk up that the entry way is swept, clean, well lit and inviting. Outdoor light fixtures are very inexpensive, so if yours is lacking in luster, go ahead and replace it. Have it on when the potential buyers show up. Continue the good lighting and inviting atmosphere into the house, building or condo. Many buyers know whether or not they will like the property upon entering the front door.

3) Lighting can make all the difference. A depressing atmosphere does not make a very good impression. Open windows, doors, curtains and shades to let in as much natural light as possible. Turn on bathroom lights, ceiling fans and chandeliers all over the property. Make sure that floors are as clean as possible. You would be surprised to hear how buyers' opinions are influenced by the flooring of a property. Open spaces, light and cleanliness translate into an impression of spacious areas.

4) Simplicity is better than decorative. Many sellers make the mistake of decorating their properties to the hilt. When a buyer comes in, they are not there to critique your decorating style. Too much décor makes the space seem cluttered. They may not even like your style. So, it is best to keep it simple, clean and neat. You may want to include some furniture, a vase of flowers and some lamps, but keep it to a minimum. This will allow buyers to imagine how they would like to use the space without cluttering it up.

5) Make small spaces shine. Clean the bathrooms and make the mirrors streak free. Replace switch and outlet plates with bright white or mirrored ones, especially in hallways and other small spaces. Open all doors and turn on all the lights. Paint the walls white to make the space appear larger than it really is.

6) If you are selling a house, it should smell like a home. Brew coffee, bake bread or cookies to make the house smell familiar. These smells remind people of comfort and make them feel secure. Avoid air fresheners or harsh candles that could be irritating to some buyers. If you do use candles, stick to scents of comfort food, like vanilla, cinnamon roll or apple pie.

Use these tips and your properties will sell for the highest price possible. They will appear spacious, clean and make a great first impression. Remember, you should work with a professional real estate development consultant for commercial developments. You will need a highest and best use market analysis to be sure that your final product is ready to sell for the maximum value.

Source by Stacy Prosney