Real Estate Investors – Writing Local Newspaper Ads For Private Lending

When using local newspaper ads to find private lenders you have to be careful with the way you word the ad, as well as with what you put in the ad. You can place ads in small newspapers offering the reader to attend an educational seminar or request a free report.

Promote Your Ad as an Educational Seminar or Free Report

Notice I that I said "educational seminar" or "free report" because directly advertising for private lenders can get you into a heap of trouble with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

For those of you who are not familiar with the SEC, it is the organization that maintains the standards in the stock market for the US and regulates investment management companies. Private mortgages are considered securities and can not be classified as a public offering. With that said, let's take a look at how to write an effective newspaper ad for your real estate educational seminar or offer for free information.

Writing an Effective Local Newspaper Ad

A key consideration to keep in mind when you use newspapers to do your advertising is that it is something tricky to hit your target market. This is not to say you should not use this as one of your strategies for networking, just make sure it is not your only strategy.

Unlike pay-per-click advertising on the Internet where you can research and specifically target your market, a newspaper ad will be seen by a general audience. You are paying for the ad based on the number of subscribers or readers of the publication instead of only the targeted traffic that clicks through to your website.

Because of this fact you will need to write an ad that captures the reader's attention.

  • Headline: The headline of the ad needs to get the readers attention by clearly stating the purpose of the ad. Perhaps also use the word "free" in the headline to offer a free "how to" real estate booklet or something else related to your educational seminar. People always are attracted to offers that are free.

You could also ask a spelling question in the headline to prompt the reader to peak their curiosity or, you could do the opposite and provide an answer which solves a problem or evokes an emotional response.

  • Description: Try to target your market as much as possible when writing the ad description. How does your product or service benefit your reader? What's in it for them? What is the one spelling reason that should call for your free real estate book or attend your seminar? What makes your real estate service stand out from all of the others?

Keep your ad description simple and to the point and avoid using a lot of technical jargon that is going to bore your reader. Remember, the idea is to captivate your reader and peak their curiosity.

  • Call to Action: After you have written a spelling description, you need to tell your reader what you want them to do. Do you want them to order your free real estate booklet? Perhaps you want them to subscribe to your free newsletter. Do you want them to call you for more information? Do you want them to attend your real estate seminar?

Make sure that you tell them when you want them to contact you to create a sense of urgency. Say something like "limited time offer" or "special offer when you call today." Then add a PS and briefly reinforce the benefits from your ad description.

Source by Mike Lautensack