Sell ​​Your Home in a Month

So you need to unload your current home quick? Perhaps you are an uncomfortable individual who is in a situation where meeting your monthly mortgage note is becoming impossible. Perhaps you found the home of your dreams and want to dump the house you currently leave in. Maybe, just maybe, you can not take living next to your neighbor for one more day. Whatever your reason for moving is I'm going to share some ideas for helping you sell your home quickly as possible.

The first and most important aspect is pricing your home to sell. If you want your home to sell in an average amount of time, 60, 70, 90, or whatever number of days your market dictates; price your home exactly as the comparables suggest. If you want to sell it fast, sell it cheaper than the competition. I'm not going to suggest an exact percentage to price it at, but at least 5% -10% cheaper than the competition. What you do not want to do is start out high, then continue to cut the price incrementally. A home is the "hottest" when it first comes onto the market, so start out with a bargain price when everyone is still looking. Also a home that has had price reduction after price reduction appears like a lemon to perspective buyers.

Number two when you get your first offer you need to understand it may be your last offer, at least for a while. With this in mind if your time is more valuable than the difference in price stay firm, but otherwise considering accepting the reduced amount and moving forward with whatever you want in life.

Before we get to the offers though, make sure your home is presentable before ever putting it on the market. A neutralized, well maintained home that is priced cheaper than the competition will sell quickly. So spend some time painting if you had utilized some bold color choices through your home. Also make sure your clutter is packed away. If your stuff is all over the place it makes your home appear to be small, the opposite of what buyers want.

The largest factor in getting your home sold quickly, now that it is underpriced (slightly) and tided up is mass marketing. Everyone should know that your home is for sale. Now if you hired the right real estate agent they will already have taken care of the basics such as putting your home on the MLS, internet, and anywhere else they advertise. I'm also going to suggest that if they are not super aggressive with marketing, you need to pick up the slack. Make sure the pictures that your agent used were good and done on a sunny day to best spotlight your home. It is estimated that nearly 80% of home buyers start online, so make sure when they first see your home that it shows well.

Another idea is to YouTube your house, walk around showing the best features and some of the drawbacks as well (although I would not comment on the bad things). Take the link and forward it to everyone you know and ask them to do the same. Next write a one page letter to your near 100 neighbors, it of course will be the same letter printed 100 times. You should highlight how much living there has brought you joy (even if your moving because of horrible neighbors). Of course you need to mention that you are moving and that it would be a great opportunity if they had a friend, relative, or loved one that was looking to get into the neighborhood.

Beyond just advertising offer buyer's assistance or offer to pay the transfer taxes and make sure you advertise you are offering this. If you really are desperate to move offer a bonus to your agent if they have it under contract in 30 days or less.

Hosting an open house can bring neighbors and perspective buyers in. If you are hosting an open house make sure it is well advertised. Post it on the web, in the local paper, flyers that can be hung at local businesses, on Craigslist, on YouTube, mail out more letters to your neighbors, in other words let everyone know! When you host the open house bake some cookies, light some candles, and make sure the house is spotless. If you are hardcore about getting the house sold, consider the services of a professional stager.

While I can not guarantee a 30 day sale of your home, if you aggressively take part in getting it sold and implemented the ideas in this article it will likely sell faster than average. Good luck with your sell and the move to follow.

Source by Adam M Slivka