Sizzlin 'Summer Real Estate Savings

Summer real estate traffic typically slows down and sellers know that buyers are thinking of vacation, recreation and time outdoors. That's why real estate developers offer buyers terrific incentives to get into their dream home before they get in the surf!

In condo sales, sellers often offer buyers Free Condo Fees for 1 year when the buyer buys before their Independence Day Holiday. The condominium fee is the maintenance cost the condo owner pays for the condo association to manage and maintain the common spaces of the property where the condo is located like the building itself, the landscaping, any swimming pool or sometimes even shuttle bus service. 1 Year of Free Condo Fees can be a significant savings and a big help for that first year of home ownership.

Also, it's not uncommon in new construction, condo sales or resales to see sellers offer credits towards closing costs. Closing costs can be 4-5% of the sales price in Pennsylvania where I sell and a credit toward settlement is a great way to help buyers economize on that initial home investment.

The bottom line is, the heat of the summer can be a cool time to buy if you're in the market for a home! Taking advantage of timing in the real estate cycles is a smart way to leverage your money and watch it go far! The key is to know that there are deals in the market and opportunities for saving in big ways. If you're in the market for a property, ask for additional promotions and see what help you can get for buying now!

Source by Deborah Dippolito