The Tasks Of An Estate Agent

Being an estate agent involves helping people to sell and buy their properties. Even though it is straight forward in theory, there are places of specialization. There are estate agents that purely deal with commercial property, cheap residential and some expensive properties.

The type of agent that a person decides to be is more often than not based on the area they are in. Or where their offices are located.

Being an estate agent requires communication. The way that a buyer or seller is dealt with can be the deciding factor as to how successful an estate agent is. The ability to do large calculations and think logically is also useful.

Most sellers want their properties to be sold quickly and sold at the best possible price, without any problems along the way. Often for an estate agents expertise they are paid between 0.5 and 1.5% of the sale price of the property. The price will often vary depending on services in the area.

Having knowledge of the area the property is being sold in is a must, as an agent will need to give property owners an estimate of how much their property will sell for. At this stage it is also the agents job to recommend the pricing scheme i.e. whether it should be “fixed” or “offers over”.

Helping a buyer is a little different, the buyer will want an estate agent to find them a property that fits the needs of their use at the lowest price possible. Usually buyers do not have the time to look for properties for themselves. This means an estate agents can help by looking for the buyer, and negotiating different deals, and setting up viewings of properties.

Extra services an estate agent may offer are insurance, and conveyancing services. There are a range of agents that even handle the whole process of selling a property from start to finish, even including finding a buyer, getting a survey report and assisting the buyer get funds for the property.

If you want an easy stress free sell of a property, an agent taking care of the whole process can be very useful. Problems that can occur when an estate agent is selling a property are, the buyer taking the property off the market, even though a buyer was found. The buyer that is found may not be able to qualify for funding, even though the paper work has been done. And in some cases the completion of the sale is only possible when the property is sold.

The life of an property agent can be hard at times, especially where viewing is only possible at certain times, such as the weekends. This is normally the case if clients are only available to look at properties then, because they are working during the week. In such cases they will need to fix a time out side there working routine to see the property.

The good thing about properties is that people will always need them. Because of this reason, the property market can be a very profitable one, if you are smart and position your self correctly.

Source by Johnny Roe