5 Must Know Facts About PA State Taxes

The following are the taxes charged b the PA State Taxes department-

1. Personal Income Tax

Pennsylvania is the only state in the United States of America to have a flat rate of tax of about 3.07% on individual income without any personal exemptions. Taxes are collected for municipal, county and school district. In spite of all this, the people of Pennsylvania, who thrive on a very modest income, qualify for the Tax Forgiveness Credit. April 15 or the next weekend is the last date for all the returns in the PA state.

2. Sales Tax

Sales taxes, too, are as high as 6% in Pennsylvania on taxable services and goods. One percent of sales tax is collected for taxable services and goods from the states of Allegheny and Philadelphia. Items like apparels, textbooks, drugs, raw food, residential heating fuels and sales for resale are the major ones exempted from sales taxes.

3. Personal and Real Property Taxes

Typically, the state of Pennsylvania does not impute taxes on personal properties or real estates. These kinds of taxes are meant for counts, school districts and municipalities normally. These districts imposes taxes on personal property and real estate so it is better to know what school district or county you live in.

Municipalities are permitted to impede taxes on the real estates which do not cross 30 mills on the stipulated value of property and without the special allowance of the court. To know more about this you must visit the Pennsylvania Department of Education website.

Qualified seniors and disabled persons are eligible for the State Property Rent / Tax rebate program. The PA department of Revenue administers this while it is assisted by Pennsylvania Lottery. Taxpayers are allowed to rebuilt amounts up to a $ 650 a year. This is for the money they had earlier paid for rent or property taxes the previous year. The employers are expected to withhold this amount of money from the employees which they get from their municipal services and emergency imposed by the school districts and municipalities.

4. Estate Taxes and inheritance

Inheritance taxes are collected by the state of Pennsylvania. These taxes have an estate taxes based on decedent's gross estate and restricted to the credit of the state death taxes which is allowed on federal tax return. However, the Keystone state's estate taxes are not imposed on this since federal credit for all these state estate taxes have been phased out completely.

5. Few more Facts on PA State Taxes

The facility of checking the status of all the refunds oh the PA state taxes in the website is provided to all the taxpayers. The department of Pennsylvania has a list of employers with stagnating tax accounts to collect heir proportional state taxes which are still to be paid. Anything earned outside the state of Pennsylvania is not taxable with respect to active full time military pay.

Source by Abhishek Agarwal