Atlanta Real Estate – One of the Best Markets in the Country For Buying a Home Now

If you are contemplating the idea of ​​buying a home in Atlanta, you better do so now before the trends change. It is about time more people here in Atlanta realized what a good deal they have. Forget what you hear on the news. That's up north, not here.

Sure, some are saying Atlanta real estate has hit the bottom. Perhaps it is because there has not been that much new building growth in over a year or maybe because the prices on some homes have dropped pretty dramatically. But that means now is the best time to act, so do not be afraid to put an offer on that house you keep driving by that has done your eye. It could be yours at a bargain — if you act fast.

Atlanta real estate prices, when compared to many areas of the country, are very reasonable, especially at the moment. Put side to side with the price per square foot in the Northeast or out on the West Coast, and the South is still an affordable place to buy a house. Taxes are low, and interest rates the lowest in history.

Many people from up north are flocking to the Atlanta area. With the money they are saving on the mortgage and down payments, they can even buy the furniture to go in the house and still come out ahead. One person from up east bought a model home complete with furniture, appliances, accessories, the works. All they needed to move were their clothes. Talk about turn key

Real Estate expert Vance Kimber of Keller-Williams knows first hand. He lived in Chicago where his parking space alone was $ 40 thousand. In many large cities Elsewhere in the United States, that is not so uncommon. In New York a tiny nine hundred square foot condo can cost $ 400 thousand and up. Go west to California and property within a glimpse of the beach can run as high a $ 1.2 million for a mere nineteen hundred square feet.

Atlanta is a beautiful area of ​​the country. Prices are reasonable and the taxes are low. From what you save in taxes alone, if you moved here from Chicago or New York, would be enough to put a hefty down payment on a house. Add to that the fact that the people here are friendly and the weather is mild. Atlanta is a fabulous place to live.

And it is not all about the house. It is the lifestyle that Atlanta has to offer that is attracting people from across the country. Atlanta is family-orientated, where kids can play sports and their parents can feel safe, and where Southern Hospitality and faith-based morals still exist.

So, do not listen to all the negative news about the real estate woes up north or on the West Coast. That is just not true in this neck of the woods. People should not be afraid of buying a home in the Atlanta area. Now more than any other time is the best time to get into a home — before they are all bought up by people from California, Chicago, Philadelphia or New York.

Buying A Home In Atlanta Is One Of The Best Deals In The Country

Source by Ken Compton