Roosevelt Island Apartments – Find Elegant and Luxury Apartments

Roosevelt Island apartments are suitable for anyone who is looking for luxury and elegance. The neighborhood is located along the East River, west of Queens and east of Manhattan. One of the best things about this neighborhood is that it is very different than the average neighborhoods in NYC. It is an unpretentious and small residential location that as a very distinct location. The neighborhood is quite a unique residential choice and is known for its architectural history. Easy public transportation links to Manhattan makes it a very convenient location to choose. Today, the apartments on the island are known to be among the best valued in the city.

Stunning Views and Green Spaces

Roosevelt Island apartments offer a very unusual living experience in comparison to the average NYC neighborhood. The area offers large green spaces, beautiful city views and the peace and quiet of a classic suburban. The island had once been home to prisoners but has completely been transformed over the years. Although there are not many choices in dining or shopping, the neighborhood is much preferred by families since it offers a quintessential suburban lifestyle right in Manhattan. Bloomingdale's as well as several good restaurants and bars can be found just a subway stop away. Even though the neighborhood offers close proximity to the more popular and busier parts of Manhattan, it feels far away from the fast paced life of the city.

A Unique Living Experience

Roosevelt Island apartments offer a very unique living experience to the residents. Over the last few years several luxury apartment buildings have grown in the vicinity which will provide tenants a huge choice in elegant apartments. These highly luxurious apartments can compete with some of the best real estate in NYC. This little neighborhood does come at a cost though since since most apartments that can be found here are high end. Finding an apartment on a lower budget can be a little difficult. With the large number of amenities and facilities that the buildings offer, the vicinity does come at a high price.

However, if you are looking for luxury apartments then there would probably be no other place in NYC that can be more suitable for families who want to have a quiet suburban lifestyle right in the middle of NYC. There are not many places in the city that offer the lifestyle that this neighborhood does and if you are willing to shell out some big bucks then there are several good real estate agents who would be more than willing to show you some of the most elegant and luxurious apartments in the area. Roosevelt Island apartments are good for families and for young couples who long for some peace and quiet in the mid of this busy city.

Source by Ricardo Lumbardo